We seek agile and innovative ways to bring your project across the finish line for the best possible result. We are the defender of pixels and the guardian of beautiful frames. We love to partner with filmmakers to champion storytelling and invest in good ideas.

With facilities in sunny Newcastle, Final Post serves feature film, documentary, television series and short film. Big or small; good stories win our hearts.

“Shane Burrell is passionate about partnering with filmmakers to achieve the very best possible finish for their production. He often engages with producers long before the cameras roll, to design a workflow that sets a strong foundation for a cost effective and smooth post-production. Shane seeded Final Post’s ‘agile’ methodology in response to the growing need to have smarter workflows without compromising the end goal.

With 16 years experience, Shane has a strong and diverse production and post-production background and with strengths in creating systems and pathways for ‘coming up with the goods’ under any circumstance.”]

“A storyteller at heart, Eleanor loves to work with people to nurture good stories. As the Post Production Producer at Final Post, she collaborates with teams and implements workflows in order to get productions across the finish line on time and on budget.

Eleanor has a background in film and television production coordination and has worked in children’s factual programming, documentary, animation and feature. She has produced four successful short films in the last five years.

A good plan, well executed, makes Eleanor very happy. While the cinema experience is very close to her heart, she is also passionate about new and innovative methods of delivering stories to audiences.