Agile post provides the most efficient path to a highly creative and excellent finish for screen productions.

Anticipate. Adapt. Agile.

We believe there is a sweet spot to be found in the production pipeline.

By employing an agile and adaptive framework, potential problems can be recognised, delivering a responsive, flexible solution which prioritises the elements which maximise the final outcome.

  • Simplified and creative editorial process
  • Quicker conform and finishing
  • Significant time savings
  • Reduced-stress
  • Overall cost savings

Agile Services

Your production can be supercharged by implementing the agile services, giving you greater leverage of your current tools, people and budget.

Post Pathway Plan

More than just a “workflow” document, Final Post can work with producers from early development stage to consider key factors throughout the production lifecycle which will enhance creative and technical outcomes.[/text-with-icon][text-with-icon icon_type=”font_icon” icon=”icon-link” color=”Accent-Color”]

On-Set / Facility Agile Dailies

The most critical link between production and post-production is the dailies process. This is more than just copying and creating editorial files, but where you are establishing the foundation for the entire post-production experience.

Final Post is able to deliver solutions for both on-set and facility based agile dailies, implementing a tailored and purpose-built pathway to suit your specific needs and requirements, while always keeping the end in mind for both picture and audio finishing.

Agile Supervision

By nature of the vast amount of software and hardware options available to modern filmmakers, we now exist in a world where there are no clear-cut workflows or methods which can be used repeatedly.

From our unique perspective on the post-production pathway, Final Post is able to provide a virtual supervisory service to assist and guide key decisions which are made throughout the production lifecycle.

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