Africa & Fresh Eyes

Final Post colourist Shane Burrell partners with Baptist World Aid to photograph their projects of change in Kenya and Uganda.

Collaboration and Winning Gold

For the second year running, projects collaborating with colourist Shane Burrell have taken out the prestigious GOLD Cinematography awards in VIC.

Kung Fu Action

Working with leading post production facility in Ho Chi Minh, Zoom, Snr colourist Shane Burrell had the privilege to colour the Vietnamese feature film Hung Ali.

Vampir – An Agile Case Study

Recently, Final Post worked with triple threat writer/director/actor Anya Beyersdorf of Gifthorse Films on her intriguing script Vampir. Weaving the Agile Post Pathways framework into the production from an early stage, Final Post were able to create a smooth, efficient and highly creative path for all involved. Anya’s dream team included producer Nicole Coventry and award winning […]

Colourist getting hands-on.

It may not be kosha or generally a good idea to let a colourist get their hands on a camera, let alone get too involved with production, however, Shane couldn’t help but get in there and shoot a few frames for a little music video. A true guerrilla style shoot, Shane was sent to a rooftop party to capture […]

The ‘BIG’ picture…

8k on YouTube… this now opens the question as to whether the trade-off for image quality for resolution. Will heavily compressed 8k truly match the picture quality of a 4k or HD image with less compression? Thoughts?


If the choice was between a set of prime lenses or a better sound recordist, what would you choose?

Eleanor Moves to Perth

[vc_row][vc_column width=”2/3″][vc_column_text]From one beautiful, coastal city to another. Our producer, Eleanor Kalantary, along with her husband, have made the 4000 kilometre trek from Newcastle, across our great country to glorious Perth. 5 days, 500 litres of fuel and more service station lunches than they care to remember later, they have reach their new home. Eleanor […]

Final Post introduces Chloé Brandstater

We’re pleased to announce a new addition to the Final Post team. Chloé is one of those clever minds who grew up with film canisters laying around the family home, and with both her father and grandfather being filmmakers. With many years in the field and studio, Chloé brings a wealth of experience to the team […]

Final Post celebrates the launch of their new 2K DI Theatre

To celebrate the opening of our new 2k DCI Grading Theatre, we have an epic offering for documentary and feature film productions. For more information and to apply visit Final Post boasts one of Australia’s most advanced and creative finishing and grading suites. Incorporating the best mix of precision control surface, fast storage, calibrated […]