Discover the magical journey

Presenting the first colourist co-lab concept for Sydney Australia. A space for colourists, by colourists. A space where boundaries are pushed, excellence is measured and the craft of colour propels the story. 

What is the colourist co-LAB.

The colorist co-LAB is a aimed at pooling the immense talent of colourists and creating the ultimate platform to work, deliver and attract projects which deserve to be completed in Australia. A space of zero compromise.

co-LAB is a co-working space for colourists. 

  • DI theatre christie projection
  • Purpose-built grading rooms
  • Large client supervised HDR suites
  • Consistent monitoring throughout
  • On-site calibration
  • Data security (Netflix)
  • QC and delivery services
  • Virtual producer/co-ordinator
  • Administration services

Digging deeper.

The community

Being part of a community and surrounded by like-minded passionate artists and technicians breeds excellence, productivity and flexibility.

We build momentum by becoming a force, joined by passion.


We envisage the co-LAB to be located near the Waterloo area. This will give us proximity to both Moore Park and the CBD.

Project Support

An in-house producer who works directly with clients to schedule and book work on your behalf, allowing you to do what you love most knowing that all the necessary communications are happening in the background and the pipeline is full of upcoming new work. 

  • Virtual producer
  • Scheduling & project co-ordination

Administration Support

Bookkeeping, quoting, invoicing and negotiating projects with your clients.

  • Bookkeeping
  • Invoicing & quotes
  • Front of house management
  • Hospitatality

Technical Support

In house technical director who is responsible for keeping the lab at the forefront of its requirements. 

  • Screen calibration
  • QC and file delivery services
  • Shared storage

How will it look?


Large DI Theatre with seating for up to 16 guests.  

  • Christie 2k DCI projection
  • 6m Stewart Film Screen zero gain critical viewing surface
  • Dolby calibrated 7.1 cinema audio
  • Routing from any suite into theatre for choice of system and moving projects from smaller suites into the theatre for final pass or screening. 


Simple and inspiring.  

  • Large converted warehouse
  • Routing between suites allowing for projects to move from smaller suites to either theatre or larger suites for client supervised sessions.
  • Working, breakout and casual meeting spaces for clients and producers.
  • Based on existing space built by INNX.hub in Newcastle. 


Purpose built suites.  

  • Biais lighting.
  • Comfortable seating.
  • Sit/Stand desk.
  • Adjustable monitors.
  • on-site calibration.
  • same monitors. throughout rooms.
  • All workstations connected to KVM matrix so you can move from any room to master suites or theatre.

Colourist co-LAB-orator

Part of the community. 

  • Pre-purchased 20 days access to DI Theatre or HDR hero suites. 
  • Access to virtual services of your own personal producer and admin assistant. 
  • Enjoy the benefits of working closely with like-minded artists.
  • Limited numbers. 
  • Heavily discounted price for additional days @$750 p/day
  • Indicative pricing of $250 p/week on 1 year subscription

Colourist co-LAB Studio

Private grading suite.

  • Be a co-LAB-orator plus have your own private and secure grading suite. 
  • Locate your machine in secure server room with fibre KVM connection to suite and SDI monitoring. 
  • Ability to route KVM and SDI to theatre or HDR rooms for client supervised sessions and screening. 
  • Access to in-house QC and delivery services. 
  • Mix of space sizes to suit different budgets. 
  • Indicative pricing from $350-$750 p/week

Who are we?

Quick background

Shane Burrell who is th founder of Final Post has been working in post production since the ripe age of 16. Starting his first editing business in Dubbo using the now “archived” Discreet Logic EDIT*. 

Coming from a farming family and living in a rural city, this dream was quite ambitious, but through hard work and determination a business was made of it.

Always committed to working hard and not compromising, Shane’s journey has always been hallmarked by his passion to serve and give the best. 

This was reflected in 2011 when Final Post was launched in Newcastle as a service directly to the growing number of indie film makers who were now shooting RAW workflows and couldn’t access the traditional post services needed to exploit this new found power. 

In 2014, Shane and his brother Luke purchased a 1000sqm warehouse in order to build a DI theatre and expand the post production space, while also housing a branding agency and co-working suites. Now home to 50+ business and spread across two locations.

Brothers conquering mountains - somewhere in Lombok.

With limited access to colourists and support staff, the decision to move the DI theatre to Sydney was made and exploration underway for the perfect way to form a community of artists who could benefit from the access the theatre, along with other tools which would elevate and give access to the opportunities they deserve. 

Co-working, Construction and other C words

With a long and deep history in poineering and creating, the logical next step is to draw on those experiences and see something like the colourist co-LAB come into existence. 

The possibilities are endless and we’re excited to see where this journey will take us.