We’re pleased to announce a new addition to the Final Post team.

Chloe_B&WChloé is one of those clever minds who grew up with film canisters laying around the family home, and with both her father and grandfather being filmmakers. With many years in the field and studio, Chloé brings a wealth of experience to the team with agile workflow design and broadcast finishing.

For Chloé, communicating through vision and the love for beautiful, integral imagery is in her blood. While completing a bachelor’s degree in communications, over 6 years Chloe has learned hands on what impact production has on post. Watching an image from capture, to the final delivery, she’s found a passion for upholding the intent through post-production.

This is not only a love, but represents a discipline and a drive to respect the integrity of both the Director of Photography’s images and the Director’s vision.

Chloé has had significant experience working off scripts and outlines and has developed a keen sense for narrative structure and achieving purposeful content, while honing the technical rigour necessary to say abreast of the rapidly changing landscape of digital image capture and post.

Specialising in agile workflows and colour, Chloé will be working closely with Eleanor in the pre-development stages of production, then nurturing them through to finish.