Africa & Fresh Eyes

Quite off-topic, but relevant at the same time, Shane recently took an assignment, working with Baptist World Aid, to photograph the wonderful work they’re doing in Kenya and Uganda.

We all know that the eye is the most valuable asset for a colourist, and a sharp sense of humour and the ability to hold their bladder for 16hr blocks when deadlines are looming. The concept of health and safety is often tricky to negotiate in the post production industry, with conditions, such as CVS (Computer Vision Syndrome) lurking in the back of our minds. CVS affects 64% to 90% of all office workers. While it does not cause permanent eye damage, it is an unpleasant side effect of too much screen time. (Check out this facebook group for fitness in post.)

All that is to say… Shane needed some sunshine. Combining his love of light, imagery and helping those in need, this was the perfect opportunity.

Travelling, as a small group of three, the team visited remote communities across Kenya and Uganda, exploring a diverse range of issues. Each day they witnessed a mix of heart-wrenching and desperate stories and amazing successes of community transformation.

“It was incredible to see how through simple education and guidance, one farmer can have such a huge impact on, not only their family but also the wider community. Moving away from just a traditional hand-out approach of assistance, to actually rolling up the sleeves and giving these people a hand-up, has made all the difference. These guys are establishing a truly sustainable and bright future for people, living amidst a backdrop of desperation and hardship” – Shane

Final Post is honoured to be part of bringing change to these people, and look forward to seeing the images published in upcoming communications. Find out more about BWA here