Three Chords and the Truth

Indie film making at it’s finest. Three Chords and the Truth shows how its done by prioritising story above all else. 

If she hadn’t been self-destructive, Angie Cowper would have been one of Australia’s leading performers. Now in her forties, she finds herself terminally ill and alone and struggling financially. Angie then meets Ruby, a seventeen-year-old, who is escaping an explosive domestic situation. The two women form an unlikely friendship as Angie teaches Ruby how to play guitar and to write songs as a way to heal.

Final Post came on-board with this production only weeks before they started their VERY tight 2-week production schedule. Implementing our agile post workflow, Final Post was able to bolster and secure the digital neg and establish a solid foundation for the remaining post-production journey. 

Director: Claire Pasvolskyl
Writers: Claire Pasvolsky
Producer: Steve Pasvolsky
Cinematography: Bailey Watts
Editor: Steve Pasvolsky
Colourist: Shane Burrell